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Terramar is The Premier Mold Remediation company in the Bahamas, we use State of the Art machines, Technology & over 2 Decades of experience in the Mold Removal/ Remediation Industry too insure you the best outcome no matter the issue!

Terramar Restoration Bahamas is Bahamian Owned & our technicians are constantly trained in the latest procedures by our sister company in Florida which holds a State of Florida Mold Remediation License!

We take pride in Helping our clients solve their mold problems forever, mold can be conquered & controlled with proper knowledge of how it grows. Knowing what it needs to grow & stopping the conditions indoors for allowing growth is our speciality!

No job is too Big or Small, Located in Nassau, New providence we can service any of the islands through out the Bahamas & backed by our sister company in Fort Lauderdale, Fl. We can handle just about any Mold or Water Damage issues you have!

Water intrusion in the form of Humidity from Malfunctioning Air Conditioning Systems, Broken/ Leaky pipes, roof leaks & many other thermo issues can cause all kinds of problems in the indoor Air Quality of your home and or business. It is important too address the issue with the knowledge of what’s causing it & how to get rid of it for good!

Anyone can come in & cleanup visible mold, but if you haven’t figured out what caused it to be there in the 1st Place it will only return & on top of that 1000’s of spores are now flying around everywhere from improper cleaning making the job even harder by contaminating the Air Quality & A/C System all over again! That’s where Terramar Restoration comes in, we identify the problem causing the issue & present you with a plan of action on how to remove it for good, with simple down to earth explanations that will help you in the future avoiding mold or water damage issues.   

Let us inspect your property & we promise you that you will never look at mold the same way again.. Informed customers are Good customers!

The Last Phone Call you will ever have to make regarding Mold!

Excellent references upon request!

Terramar Restoration Bahamas

Bahamas Premier Mold Remediation Company

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