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*Do you have Spots on your cloths, Drapes, Leather purses, shoes, Brief Cases?

*Do you have a musty smell or Visible Mold Growth on walls?

*Are you or anyone in your household having sinus issues/ Headaches?

We can help no matter what Indoor Air Quality issues you are having, From wet humid spaces, Mold growing on cloths, Musty Odors, Malfunctioning & Poorly maintained A/C Systems, Structural leaks, Builder design defects,

 You name it, we have seen it!

Water Damage DryOut

Last Phone Call you will ever have to make regarding Mold or Water Damage!

Mold is caused by a chain of events that allow it to grow, when this Chain is broken it can Not & will Not come Back!

Unlike some of our competitors Terramar Restoration Guarantees the mold will (Not) return or need to be cleaned on a monthly basis! We Identify the problem causing the mold growth & stop it in it’s tracks, which guarantees it can’t return!