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State Mold License

MRSR #1925 & #2060

Excellent References

• Improper Water Damage Dry outs

• Air Conditioning Malfunctions
• Water heaters

• Humidistat’s
• Windows Leaking from Sprinklers hitting them & Wind driven rain
• Foundations leaking
• Planter gardens attached to exterior of home
• Roof leaks

• Toilet, Sinks & Faucets with slow leaks
• Shower Pans due to bad installs & age

• Pipes with slow leaks in walls or Hit by a nail during construction
• Dishwashers

Some times you will have a musty smell but no visible mold growth, if you are noticing a smell it should be checked by a professional.

Click here, if you need your home checked or have 1 of these problems.

Common causes of Mold Damages

Mold From Window Leaks caused by Rain and Sprinklers

Leaking pipes in the wall that go unnoticed for a period of time

Mold from High Relative Humidity build up

Improper Water damage dry-outs

Mold Damages from shower pans

Common Causes of Mold

<< Mold How it Grows

Health affects of Mold >>

Sustained High Relative Humidity can grow mold just as good as a water damage can, when all the contents start to absorb the humidity from the air the moisture content of the item is raised & once relative humidity has gotten to 61% and sustains above 61% mold will start to grow!

Humidity issues while under A/C is usually caused by low or no charge in the A/C system.